Chatbots are replacing the CV - And that’s a good thing

Tim Bremer Aug. 24, 2018

In a recent article in the German magazine enorm, our founder and CEO Luc Dudler talks about why chatbots augmenting the recruitment process are a massive advantage for both candidates and company.

More and more companies are planning on implementing this technology to get in front of the right candidates quicker. In fact, more than 3% of large German enterprises are working on adding chatbots to their recruitment efforts - for a good reason.

This year’s Deloitte Millennial Survey concluded that the majority of millenials and half of Gen-Z are confident that the upcoming Industry 4.0 will augment their jobs, giving them more time “to focus on creative, human, and value-adding work.” This is especially true for recruiters, who spend the majority of their time screening candidates’ CVs and answering questions. While these tasks are a requisite in the recruiting process, they are repetitive and add no value at the same time. Utilizing chatbots and AI, these efforts can be automated - making space for high-value activities such as spending more time with candidates.

“What are the my main responsibilities?”, “How high is the salary?”, “Will I be traveling much?”, - questions like these can already be answered by a chatbot today. Not only that, the chatbot is also capable of replacing the CV as we know it using screening questions during the application process to collect all the necessary information.

“The goal is that you stumble upon a job offer and at the same time already start to interact with the chatbot.”

Chatbots are changing the candidate experience for the better and represent a great way to focus on the most important tasks of a recruiter.

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