An Introduction to Chatbots in Recruiting

Tim Bremer Dec. 19, 2018

Having Chatbots in recruitment is one of the biggest HR trends right now — and that for a good reason, as there is tremendous potential in both automation and process acceleration.

Chatbots can be developed and launched on platforms like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp or WeChat. What we achieve with this is better communication with candidates. Candidates can be addressed through this platform, but also through the careers page or through job boards and can contact the chatbot from there. The chatbot then answers questions about the company, the job, the location, and attempts to assist applicants with job prospects and candidates throughout the process and the candidacy journey. This happens during the application, where it is made simple and intuitive via the interface, but also in process steps such as screening or interview scheduling and on-boarding, where the chatbot is very close to the candidates with the mentioned channels, and can accelerate processes as well as automatically answer questions. What we ultimately achieve is an improved candidate experience and an optimized process for the employer.

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