4 Tactics To Improve Your Careers Page Conversion Rate

Rebecca F. Dec. 22, 2017

As the options for resourcing candidates grow, talent acquisition efforts can start to neglect the importance and power of their careers page.

Whilst it is important to employ new recruiting tools such as social media channels and developing a multi-touchpoint strategy, it is also important to remember core recruitment tools such as your careers page. Using basic strategies here will increase your candidate conversion rate for traffic already on your website as well as those from other channels.


Make each touch point in your candidate's journey full of relevant and useful content. Whilst your various social media channels may take precedence currently, you need to think about where they're clicking through to. Whether it be from Facebook or email ensure that candidates are coming to a relevant and optimized careers page, in line with the source point. Create dynamic content that is worth coming back for; users covert if the content helps them to understand your company more, the job on offer and what you care about etc. 

Similarly, understanding your candidate's behavior on the careers page can help in increasing its' relevancy to them. Tracking candidate behavior whilst browsing, such as what they're searching for and where they're clicking will help to optimize website content. 


Building consistent messaging from the touch-point to the website, to the end of the cycle (which may be an application) is important for the candidate to find what they're looking for easily and therefore converting. The moment things become difficult for the candidate they will drop out of the recruitment funnel if they are not completely committed. If you're hiring, make sure all messaging leads towards that on your page and also that you are sending out consistent messaging on your multiple channels.


Establishing a culture of testing is important to maximize your candidate conversion rate on your careers page. Optimising the page based on which points are captivating candidates will help conversion massively in the long run. Looking at buttons, copy length and layouts and continually testing what works better will help to make sure your website is data-driven, empowered by the candidates and therefore in the best position to convert them.


Reachability will massively impact your conversion, if they land on the careers page and know there is an option for instant guidance through any part of the recruitment journey, they are more likely to stay and not fall out of the funnel. Since, being available 24/7 is almost impossible, and the fact your HR employees will be busy handling other parts of strategy and acquisition; using a chatbot, such as Job Pal, to increase your accessibility and therefore career page conversion rate is a no brainer!

Make sure your careers page isn't the achilles heel in your talent acquisition strategy. Take time to produce a relevant, consistent, well-tested and accessible careers page that will in turn promote conversion of candidates.

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